What we do.

We provide bespoke web design and development services whether it's E-Commmerce, Personal, a blog or an information website we can do whatever you need. Between our tame we have in excess least 10 years experience meaning we have a broad range of knowledge and experience. To code our websites mainly we use HTML5, CSS3 and PHP with using software such as Brackets, Atom, Eclipse and Netbeans. We pride ourselves on the affordability of our websites as well as ensuring they are responsive and modern too. As an extra option we also are able to provide maintenance and web hosting so that your website will stay up to date, modern and free of any complications or issues.
Any size operation, we can do, if you'd like a small one page website it can be done; a larger 10 page website, more than possible. Anything size we can make and tailor our prices and work hours to your needs. We make sure our relationship with you is excellent by allowing you to contact us at any time, any issues, any needs we are always available.

Technologies we use

These are only some of the many technologies we use out of many frameworks and languages. You name it, we code it.

Frequently asked Questions.

These are some of the FAQ's we recieve regarding our websites, got a question?
Take a look below and see if we've answered it.

Why are your prices so low compared to other designers?

We here at AGENCY82 know that it is very diffuclt and pricey to start a new business and the hefty price tag that usually comes with web design agencies can even turn some away entirely. We are here to help with that by having our price tag sometimes being more than half compared to other known agencies in the area.

How can I guarantee my website will look good?

Here at AGENCY82, we make sure that every site is fit for purpose, we will design your site to have style and picturesque, before going straight in with a design, we draw out two or more static versions of what your page would look like and we let you decide which design to go with, so right from the beginning, you have an idea of how great your page will be. And if you have an idea of what you would specifically like it to be, we are there for you to contact us with information with more details and we can do exactly as you please.

How long will my website take to complete?

Each website can vary on a site-to-site basis, if you have a more complex website to build then of course it would take longer, but usually for a simple, one or two page site it should only take less than a month, other, more complex sites would take longer, depending on the functionality you require from it.

How do I pay?

After we've made initial design mockups and you're happy to go ahead, we agree a quote, a 20% deposit is placed just before the building process begins. Only after everything has been completed and your site is live, the remaining amount is paid, this can be arranged in a whole payment or even in installments if needed. Nice, easy and safe!

How you can contact us.

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